Daily MelWear: Who

This outfit is entirely unlike me. I don’t normally wear pants and I don’t normally wear anything this billowy or flowy. I just love the color of this top and the polka dots are fun, so I went with it.









I wore this on Sunday when I sang with the worship team, but I paired it with skinny jeans then. I liked that silhouette a little better, but with the change in our office hours, I couldn’t really do jeans today. Maybe I’ll do that again when I start Fridays in October. I did the whole half-tuck thing with the jeans and that was cute…but not so much with these pants. Not so much at all…

Typically I’d rather wear things that define the waist a little more but I’m hoping this still looks okay. And for some reason, I feel like this top has to be paired with my leopard heels. Nothing else will do but a little bit of pattern mixing.

My baby girl starts back in dance classes today. Next week is orientation at school and the week after, school starts. What happened to summer?!

Make Thursday awesome, people!

Pants: Kohl’s ~ Blouse: Stein Mart ~ Heels: Payless

8 thoughts on “Daily MelWear: Who

  1. I really like this outfit on you. Its very flattering and creates a nice shape/silhouette.

    Its great that you have started you daughter dancing so young. I hope she falls in love with it forever.

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