Daily MelWear: Taking Advantage

For some of us, this past weekend was tax-free shopping for school supplies and clothes.

Since I’d already purchased all of my daughter’s uniforms and school supplies (and I can NOT believe how much stuff she needs for KINDERGARTEN), I figured I’d take advantage of it by doing some shopping for myself.


Hence, this dress.

I wasn’t sure about it in the dressing room but after seeing the pictures, it’s not half bad. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could blog outfits before we have to decide if we’re buying them? I can’t see myself taking pictures in the dressing room every time though. I’m way too lazy for that. (I’m nothing if not honest.)

I did buy this dress when it was one of Target’s daily deals (in four colors…I have issues, I know) but what I bought this weekend was mostly tops to wear with jeans. When I’m scheduled on the worship team, everyone typically wears jeans and I just don’t have much to wear with them since I never wore them much.  Now that I’m wearing jeans a lot more often, I needed some new tops. It was a good weekend for that. Maybe I’ll blog some of those outfits eventually.

We’ve been informed that as of October, we’re losing our four-day work weeks and will have to start working on Fridays again. That means I’ll probably start posting five days a week and will probably  make Friday a jeans or at least a more casual day.

And that’s all I have to share today.:) Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!

Dress: Ross ~ Sandals: From my mom ~ Necklace: Beya

12 thoughts on “Daily MelWear: Taking Advantage

  1. Yay….another day of Melissa posts each week; Boo…another work day for Mel.

    The dress is very flattering on you. I took a peek at the Target dress too and I can understand why you bought four colors! I would have too…I especially like the deep purple, the green the grey and the black.

  2. Our tax free weekend is this weekend…and I’ve already added a few maternity sweaters and a pair of jeans to my wardrobe. At least you are buying things you can wear long term. I need to stop getting things that will only get me through the next four or five months! I’m a hopeless cause, really:)

    That stinks that you’re losing your four day weeks. Three day weekends are so nice…

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