Daily MelWear: What Matters Most

Today, what matters most is comfort. I’m just not feeling it today. Too much on my mind, too many things to do, and what I’d really like is to stay home, in my yoga pants (interesting since I hate yoga), with some toast and coffee.  Or an english muffin with peanut butter.

The pants are easy, the shirt is blousy, the belt adds some “me” to the outfit…though it might come off soon just because I really am all about the comfort today.








It’s my former boss’s last day as a full-time employee (she says she’s retiring but really, she’s just going down to part-time next week) so she’s taking all of us out for lunch at a Mexican place. If only it were acceptable for me to get a margarita…

Hope your Thursday flies by!

Pants: Forever 21 ~ Shirt: JC Penney ~ Belt: Salvation Army ~ Sandals: From my mom

12 thoughts on “Daily MelWear: What Matters Most

  1. I know what you mean, I’ve got those days too – getting dressed seems like a huge challenge because you just don’t want to! I usually “cheat” by wearing a knit dress – they are just fancy long t-shirts, aren’t they?

    Hang in there, you’ll get through the day. And shoot, at least you’ve got a nice outing for the day coming up!

  2. Been too long since I have popped in…been crazy with work, lil guy and pregnancy….hope you are well..looks like you are…LOVE a great wider leg pant…so flattering..and that pop of red at your feet! ADORE!

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