Daily MelWear: Heat Wave

Apparently it’s supposed to feel like 105 today, or something ridiculous like that. Considering our office AC doesn’t function all that well and has gotten up to 82 degrees in here, I needed something that was office appropriate but still pretty cool.

I think I need more brightly colored, lightweight, short-sleeved blazers. Blazers make me happy. Cardigans are okay, but I think blazers are more professional and I wear them more often with jeans (rather than cardigans) to dress those up, too.







Who wants to go shopping for blazers with me?:)

Have a fabulous Thursday, loves!

Skirt: Ross (part of a suit) ~ Tank: Target ~ Bolero: Kohl’s (came with a dress) ~ Heels: Payless

10 thoughts on “Daily MelWear: Heat Wave

  1. Me me me! But it will have to be virtual shopping…LOL.

    Love the cut and shape of this outfit on you; it’s very flattering.

    Hope you stay cool today; I’m in Northwest Indiana, very near Chicago and it has been miserably hot for all of June and July. And if it’s not hot, then it’s storming fiercely.

    Speaking of blazers…..I have spent years looking for a classic cut velvet blazer in a pretty jewel tone like sapphire or eggplant. I wonder if they even exist anymore…

    • Aw, I wish we could go shopping!

      I can imagine it must be sweltering where you are. Although I have to admit I love Florida. It makes me happy. I can’t handle the cold. I’d just like it more if our AC worked!

      I think you should check ebay or Amazon for a blazer like that. Do some Google shopping searches and see what you can find. Even if they’re not made anymore, someone might be selling an older one. Good luck!!!

  2. Oh, Mel…we’ll have to agree to disagree, because I am a cardigan worshipper, over here:) But I’ll still go blazer shopping with you anytime!

    Also, fun colors today…I’m a big fan of that combo!

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