Daily MelWear: Giving In

I tend to not really follow the crowd or the trends too often, I’d rather just do my own thing, but I really like the whole bright pants and black & white top idea. I’m not a skinny jeans kind of girl, for several reasons, but these are incredibly comfortable. On a weekend, I’d probably cuff them and wear flats or sandals, but I felt like the outfit was already bordering on too casual for work, so I went with heels and threw on a blazer.

think I like this, but it is definitely an unusual outfit for me.







Today we’re celebrating my co-worker’s birthday, which is actually this Saturday, but next week is going to be insane with our webinar, a board meeting, an executive dinner, and our annual conference. My birthday is the following Saturday, so our week of insanity is sandwiched between our birthdays, meaning hopefully we’ll get two lunches to make up for all that.:)

And now I’m off to a tele-conference before lunch. Hope you all have a fabulous and stress-free day!

Coral Jeans: Kohl’s (brand is Elle) ~ Top: Salvation Army ~ Heels: Target ~ Blazer: Stein Mart  

26 thoughts on “Daily MelWear: Giving In

  1. Colored pants suit your sunny disposition, Mel! You’re wearing my favorite color of all time and it is both tamed and pops, paired with black.

  2. I think those jeans look adorable on you, the color and cut are both adorable. Lovely outfit, even if it is unusual!:)


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