Daily MelWear: When Comfort Rules

My first shot at this outfit didn’t include the cardigan. I also didn’t think I was going to pair this top with the skinnies, but they were convenient so I grabbed ’em.










As my boss’s retirement gets closer, I might take advantage of the Thursday Jeans allowance while we still have it. There’s no telling what perks are going to be taken away when a new person comes in. I can only hope and pray we’ll still have our four-day work weeks with Fridays off, since my daughter will be attending a school with Fridays off.

I realize the shape of this top itself isn’t all that flattering…and neither are the colors for me…but it’s comfy. And sometimes, comfort comes before following fashion rules. I think fashion rules are ridiculous. Who cares if something I wear makes me look shorter? Who’s to say that taller is more attractive anyway? I like being short. So there.:)

That’s my rant for the day. Hope you’re all having a fabulous Thursday and have a WONDERFUL Easter, too!

Jeans: Kohl’s ~ Top: Salvation Army ~ Cardigan: Kohl’s ~ Heels: Target

10 thoughts on “Daily MelWear: When Comfort Rules

  1. I think you look super cute. There’s nothing wrong with taupe, and the stripes fall in a flattering pattern. I like being short too (for the most part). Most of the time I say to hell with trying to look tall!

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